Located in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria, between Old Town and Crystal City, the Evening Star Cafe is known for exceptional food, friendly but professional service, and an inviting, hip atmosphere.

Both a classic neighborhood restaurant and a destination for diners throughout the Washington Metropolitan Area, the Evening Star features sophisticated and eclectic American food, one of the region's most extensive and best-priced wine lists, and two separate lounges to relax in.

2000 Mount Vernon Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22301
In our opinion you should really consider Ruth Chris Steak House: Click here for the menu and making online reservations!
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Charcuterie gets a kick start

After three years, Picnic Charcuterie still does all sausage making, food preparation and retailing in this 400 sq. foot garage.

Like to eat? 'Slow food' group launches speaker series in Miramichi

Monday's first speaker series will feature the "art and science of baking chocolate chip cookies from scratch." "We wanted to do something to get the food scene on the map in the Miramichi," he said on CBC's Shift .

Frantic? Disconnected? Isolated? Learn about the Slow Movement

Listen to us: "Time is money." "This site is taking forever to load." "The wait for a table is how long?" The Slow Movement, once about only food, is ambling into other aspects of life with slow travel, slow books, slow cities, slow crafts, slow money, slow coffee.

Singapore trio show the art of foraging for edible plants in Lion City

The foragers of Singapore: artists show guests how to find edible plants growing wild and the foods and drinks to make from them From the roadside berries that make a delicious jam to leaves you can infuse and the noni fruit which, fermented, can make a blue cheese, there's a feast of foods to be had for free. Juliana Loh takes a walk on the Lion City's wild side Our tour begins with a cool, fizzy welcome drink.

Creative Peaks: An Intimate Crop

How do we nourish community? That is the question explored in a new film in progress, Hearts of Glass , about Vertical Harvest, the urban greenhouse in downtown Jackson that has made people sit up and take notice. Funded in part through a unique public/private partnership with the Town of Jackson, it is one of very few vertical greenhouses in the world.