Located in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria, between Old Town and Crystal City, the Evening Star Cafe is known for exceptional food, friendly but professional service, and an inviting, hip atmosphere.

Both a classic neighborhood restaurant and a destination for diners throughout the Washington Metropolitan Area, the Evening Star features sophisticated and eclectic American food, one of the region's most extensive and best-priced wine lists, and two separate lounges to relax in.

2000 Mount Vernon Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22301
In our opinion you should really consider Ruth Chris Steak House: Click here for the menu and making online reservations!
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Make Breakfast Your Favorite Meal By Visiting New & Classic Local Breakfast Spots

Now that school is back in session, celebrate your free time by enjoying breakfast at these local restaurants that will help you start your day off right. Fred's Market's Breakfast MarketTable motto is 'Slow Food, Fast' and offers a large assortment of breakfast staples and southern favorites made with farm fresh ingredients.

Okanagan Taste: Feast your way through the Okanagan

The first Feast of Fields, if memory serves, was held in Summerland, and this "wandering harvest picnic festival" has now traveled to numerous farms around the Okanagan, this year landing at Caldwell Heritage Farm in Kelowna. Feast, though, is not just about spending an afternoon enjoying great food and local libations, but about getting to know those who get their hands dirty growing your veggies and fruits, tending to bees, training grape vines, and much more.

Alberta farm family seeks a simpler way of life

Passersby will be craning their necks to see what's going on at Nature's Green Acres Aug. 18 when 80 diners sit down to enjoy a five course, white linen dining experience in a cow pasture. Shannon and Danny Ruzicka provide the lion's share of ingredients from their own farm with other items drawn from nearby producers and processors.

'Lucifer' heatwave impacts Italian grape harvest

A summer heatwave sweeping through Europe, dubbed Lucifer, has prompted some of the earliest grape harvests seen in Italy for decades, with temperatures soaring to 47 degrees following months of drought. Some sparkling wine producers in northern Italy have started harvesting grapes 12 days earlier than normal, with winemakers in Franciacorta, in Lombardy, beginning their wine harvest on 3 August.

Farm raised salmon: Real or Imposters?

Last week we discussed the plight of the Atlantic salmon and the efforts underway to restore this majestic fish, in its natural form, which had seen declining numbers. One of the reasons cited was the new threat from competitive farmed fish.

Ag moves the needle

Raising cattle and getting them to market was barely worth it, especially when the escalating price of land offered easier riches. It was cheap to truck goods into the valley.

Column: Turn a new leaf on New Leaf

Turn a new leaf on New Leaf New Leaf Market drifts from mission Check out this story on Back around the time of my high school graduation I was delighted to hear about the potential opening of the New Leaf Market. Idyllic dreams of Green Bayans walking or biking to their neighborhood co-op on Broadway or Main Street came to mind.